Remember the last time you were at a convention or conference and saw a crowd forming around a booth? Upon closer inspection you noticed their booth looked very professional and eye-grabbing as they have their presentation.

Now you are the one with a booth or presentation and want it to be just as eye catching and memorable as the one you saw. But where to start?

Look no further than Bumble Bear Creations’ Presentation Packs! We can design you an eye catching poster or retractable banner. Check our price list below!

But why stop there? Get a business card designed that you can give to visitors and customers to remember you by and generate more traffic to your conference booth, table, or websites.

Check out our Presentation Packs and prices below! Our portfolio has a few designs for an impression of our work.

Portfolio Convention 0

Business Card

Get a business card designed. Limited to 1 name.

  • Single-sided: $50
  • Double-sided: $75

Portfolio Convention 1

Budget $80

Just starting out? A single customized poster or retractable banner can make a big difference.

  • 1 Poster or Retractable Banner design

Portfolio Convention 2

Standard Pack $125

A very basic setup for your booth at a convention or conference with a custom design.

  • 1 Poster or Retractable Banner design
  • 1 Business card design

Portfolio Convention 3

Premium Pack $169

Go full-out with the entire package with customized design.

  • 1 Poster design
  • 1 Retractable Banner design
  • 1 Business Card design

Note that these offers are for designs only. We do not print and provide physical products.