Voice Acting

The inspiration to get into the field of podcasts, voice acting, and editing came from our friends and clients who have worked in this domain. With several guest roles performed, we look forward to adding to our portfolio with the next voice-acting gig.

Check out our demo reels below, and when you’re interested in hiring us for your next audio project, you can contact us on our social media accounts or via our contact page.

Melissa Kersh

Podchaser Profile

“Your performance as Cemri was breathtaking! You captured her very essence.”

Mike Atchley, creator of Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons

Frederik Verhagen

Podchaser Profile

Voice acting and Editing Demo reel.
  • Loyalist Fire Titan Soldier (S1E1)
  • Fors (S1E2)

“Your performance as sad dad was mentioned by one of my classmates as their favorite.”

Deanna, writer and producer of Sunny Days in Innsmouth