At Bumble Bear Creations, we weave sonic magic! Since 2023, we’ve been the secret behind three captivating podcasts, sculpting soundscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. Our passion lies in the delicate dance of audio—balancing frequencies, trimming echoes, and dramatic timing with just the right tension.

But that’s not all. We’re currently brewing something extraordinary—a brand-new podcast, lovingly crafted from scratch. Picture this: a self-produced masterpiece, where every note, every breath, and every pause is meticulously curated. It’s more than a podcast; it’s an auditory adventure waiting to unfold.

More information about our Audio Podcast Editing services is found here.

Legends of Khampiohn: The Genesis Era

Legends of Khampiohn: The Genesis Era

Legends of Khampiohn is a D&D fan-based audio drama series following the unpublished works of Ruechelle Hill. In their first season, “The Genesis Era,” the listener gets introduced to the background of this massive universe she built, filled with Titans, Angels, and clashes of colossal scale! We’ve provided audio design and voices since their first episode.

Podcast links: linktr.ee/khampiohn_audioverse

Path of Dragons Radio

Path of Dragons Radio

Path of Dragons Radio is a YouTube platform dedicated to producing audio dramas and podcasts while supporting voice actors big and small! We’ve had the pleasure of working on their podcasts “The Dark Lands of the World Before” (an original series in a post-apocalyptic world) and “Misfits of Dawnwood” (dramatized version of their Pathfinder campaign).

Podcasts link: youtube.com/@pathofdragonsradio

Coming Soon

Blade of Darkness logo

Blade of Darkness – A FFXI Fan-based Audio Drama

Our own debut production, “Blade of Darkness” is based on the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XI: Online and traces the journey of a young girl laboring in the prison mines, dreaming of a better life she never thought could be possible.

Keep an eye out for information about our self-produced audio drama on social media under #bladeofdarknesspodcast or follow Bumble Bear Creations! You can also check our dedicated BoD web page.